Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson


In a world where chaos seems to be the default state, and hope feels like a fairy tale, Mark Manson offers a tough-love perspective on life in Everything is Fcked: A Book About Hope. With the brilliant combination of humor, wit, and brutal honesty, Manson weaves a narrative of the human experience. Looking closely at the paradox of hope in a world as uncertain and unpredictable as the modern one, Manson leverages his experience, psychology, philosophy, and his natural knack for debunking conventional wisdom to paint a picture of modern society that will challenge you to face reality. With funny and insightful anecdotes and a knack for identifying the root causes of why everything seems to be falling apart, Manson brings a breath of fresh air to the maelstrom of chaos that is despair. Whether you’re more concerned about the societal collapse or your personal life, Everything is Fcked has something to offer.

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